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Hon. Dr. Annotum Demomaker, Jr.

Annotum provides a complete, open-access scholarly journal production system including peer-review, workflow, and advanced editing and formatting features such as structured figures, equations, PubMed and CrossRef reference import, and structured XML input and output compatible with the National Library of Medicine’s Journal Article DTD.

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This is the normal font. This is a level 1 heading This is a level 2 heading This is a level 3 heading This is a level 4 heading This is a level 5 heading This is a level 6 heading This is Red. This is a smaller heading.

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Very interesting discussion! I’ve been a fan of wiki markup, markdown, and similar writing methods for a long time, and I can appreciate the idea of a specialized markup for Scholarly content. The debate in this thread, including the sub-thread about whether or not LaTeX is a suitable composition language for articles, reminds me of […]

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NGC 2392 ("Eskimo" Nebula)
[NII]; H-alpha; [OIII]; [HeII]

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This brief article demonstrates creating various types of equations in Annotum.



Footnote Formatting Some text.1 In this one, I left the space. Some text.1 In this paragraph, I’ll do the same as before, but then I’ll hit <enter><space>Type “Some text.”, hit <home>, and hit Backspace.1 Some Text. That’s the workaround.